A Great Way to Express Your MentaliTEE

Congrats Grads, Reveal the Thinker Within as you Dress to Express!

School Tees for Students, Faculty, & Staff

πŸ”‘ Portrays A Positive Student Image
πŸ”‘ Boosts Student Self-Esteem
πŸ”‘ Shows School Unity & Spirit
πŸ”‘ Establishes Hope & Friendships
πŸ”‘ Promotes Progressive Thinking
πŸ”‘ Improves Academic Solidarity


If I can THINK it,
I can DANCE it!

Music Tees

Our Happy Clients!

I am thankful for my T-shirt! It is made with good quality and I love the message. I will be ordering them as gifts for my friends and family.
Alista Hubbard
Ecanoa's Success Tees have been an amazing way for me to motivate my students and staff. The positive message allows me to interface with people differently because the phrases are a conversation starter. The success shirts have also been a beautiful alignment with my focus in mindfulness this year. I have implemented a dedicated focus to the practice of mindfulness and the success tees are a reminder that our mind is indeed our most powerful asset.
Kim Grace
The shirt made me feel empowered and proud to know I am wearing a shirt that represents true entrepreneurship. I am proud to say that I am representing a black owned business! These shirts not only portray style and confidence, it also gives me a sense of self-assurance when I wear them! I never knew the boots of confidence I'd gain just by wearing shirts with such encouraging quotes! There's no better way to dress!​
Precious Jones
I really love the positive message these shirts have. Wearing the shirt gets me noticed and people often stop to read the shirt. I feel I am spreading a message that other people need to see.
Mr. Delam Rooks​
I am a huge fan of spreading positivity wherever I go. I enjoy wearing my tees while out and about to help encourage and uplift others. Words Rule the World!
Ariel Smith